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8 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2022

New Year's resolutions are famous for being all "You got this!" at the beginning of January, and then completely ghosting us by February first. How do we encourage this year's resolutions to stick around for the long-haul?

According to Lifehack, the number one reason resolutions fail is because we're "Treating a marathon like a sprint." Lasting change doesn't happen all at once—it starts with small, positive tweaks to our existing behaviors. An essential element for making these new habits stick is to make them enjoyable. Because if something is a chore rather than a pleasure, we're less likely to keep up with it.

Essentially, the advice is to 1) Keep it attainable & 2) Make it fun. We can handle that! And so can you. We took a stroll around The Little Traveler and identified products that'll make sticking to 8 common resolutions easier and more fun.  

New Year's Resolution 1: Be Active

Don't let winter weather keep you indoors and sedentary. Bundle up and step out with Forsake sneaker boots. They're designed with traction that can go from "peak to pavement" and a breathable waterproof membrane to withstand all kinds of weather. A compression EVA midsole provides all-day comfort. So go ahead, take that daily walk. Or simply park farther out in the parking lot to get extra steps in during every shopping trip.

Try on a pair of Forsake sneaker boots in our Shoe Room.   

New Year's Resolution 2: Eat Healthier

We all know preparing meals from scratch is the best way to regulate exactly what we put into our bodies. But heating up a frozen box of something or frequenting the drive-thru is so much easier. Encourage better cooking habits by making food prep easier and more fun with clever kitchen gadgets. Chop and stir with one simple utensil. Navigate avocados with ease. Mince garlic without making a mess. Etc. etc.

Explore our wall o' kitchen gadgets in the Housewares Dept.  

New Year's Resolution 3: Read More

Add a splash of fun to your favorite reading nook with a snazzy pair of reading glasses. Better yet, add a splash of fun to TWO different reading nooks—because when you buy one pair of reading glasses at The Little Traveler, you can add on a second pair at Half Price. 

See our fashionable collection of reading glasses in the Accessories Rooms.

New Year's Resolution 4: Think of Others

A supportive word from a friend can mean so much. When you can't be there to say it person, send a card. Whether it's to welcome a new baby, congratulate on a new home or job, or just to say hey, they'll love to hear from you more often this year. 

Browse thoughtful cards for all occasions (& non-occasions) in our Stationery Dept.

New Year's Resolution 5: Boost Your Immunity

Make tea your go-to when reaching for a warm cup of comfort. Most varieties have less than half the caffeine as coffee (or no caffeine) and ZERO calories. Plus, tea contains natural antioxidants to boost your immune system and ward off infections. Many special blends have additional health benefits and unique flavor palettes that will have you wondering why you haven't been drinking tea all along.

Discover a variety of delicious teas in our Gourmet Rooms.

Resolution 6: Prioritize Self-Care

Taking care of yourself involves more than just eating right and exercising. It means taking time away from everyday stresses to rebalance yourself mentally and emotionally. Indulge in a long, hot bath. Put on your favorite music and let your mind wander. Enhance your "me time" by rubbing in scented body lotion for the combined benefits of aromatherapy, skincare & massage.

Find a variety of luxurious scented lotions in our Bath Shop. Our longtime favorite Camille Beckman now comes in English Lavender scent! 

Resolution 7: Be More Eco-Conscious

Making just one small change can make a big difference. These Fair Trade Market Totes are made from leftover fabric scraps colored with eco-friendly seaweed-based dyes in an attempt to achieve zero factory waste. You'll be shocked at how much you can fit inside them—and how many plastic grocery bags you won't need to use anymore. Each tote comes with an attached Velcro strap, so you can roll it into a tight bundle and stash it in your dashboard to keep handy for your next shopping run. They're made in a Fair Trade workshop in Bali.

Shop one-of-a-kind pattern combos in our Fair Trade+ Gallery. 

Resolution 8: Keep Living Spaces Germ-Free

With precision-engineered microfibers, E-CLOTH cleaning products will help you keep surfaces in your home and office—and home-office—free of 99% of bacteria using nature's purest ingredient, water. E-CLOTH is also highly effective in wiping away dirt and grime. Reducing the need for chemical cleaners and the plastic containers they come in will also help you keep Resolution #7 to be more kind to the environment. 

Scour our collection of E-CLOTHs in our Housewares Department. 

Cheers to you keeping your new year's resolutions! 

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