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A Letter from a Friend – Donna from West Chicago

August 22, 2018

I've begun a tradition with my 2 young granddaughters of hopping aboard the train and riding it to our destination stop at Geneva, then strolling our favorite destination in town - The Little Traveler.

During our recent pint-sized trip on the train, we talked about the towns along the way. Kindergartner Adeline remarked, “It would be fun to live in Geneva because you'd be close to Little Traveler!” (So true!)

When we stepped off the train, I suggested that pre-schooler, Isabelle, lead us to Little Traveler. Of course, Isabelle was enthused with that role while ever-helpful big sister wanted to give her one clue about finding LT: “It’s the place that looks cool!” Certainly, with a hint like that, little sister had no trouble leading us confidently to the grand white mansion, up the wide front porch and through the big door to the delights and hospitality awaiting us within.

We enjoyed lunch in the Atrium Cafe and made friendly conversation with a nearby table of lovely ladies, little and grown up. So wonderful to see other mom and grandma types bringing young lasses along on a special LT outing!

Taking our "travels" at a child's pace, we visited many LT departments. Not surprisingly, the candy counter and toy room were favorite places to linger. Everywhere we roamed, gracious staff engaged us in congenial conversation. One topic was repeated in the reporting that Adenine had lost a tooth during our lunch in the cafe. Various staff shared in the excitement of that novel news, prompting thoughts of a tooth fairy visit that night.

Thank you , Little Traveler, for adding to the richness of childhood AND adulthood memories of special times spent together.

Donna Seifert, West Chicago, IL

Little Traveler
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