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Around the House: Playing Cards

February 5, 2020

Guest post by Beth in our Conservatory:

Beth Willadsen, Post Author

Do you remember the first time you ever played "cards"?

I don't remember the first time I played a card game, but I do fondly remember spending many hours playing cards with my brothers and our childhood friends. One particular summer when our families went on vacation together, I recall a card game we kids made up: Double-Deck War Slap Jack/Ace! It kept us busy for a good while so our moms could enjoy some of their vacation too!

Nowadays, the "Bicycle" brand cards are pretty much all you see. But as a kid, I remember finding in a seldom used (by kids!) drawer a few of my mother's "Bridge Sets"...a two pack of cards with fabulous graphics on the back, packaged in a neat little tray in a box, with a hole in the back of the tray to push out the decks of cards. Sometimes, the faces of the cards were embellished in some small way, or the face cards were more like paintings by classical artists than the traditional appearance.

The Little Traveler carries these beautiful bridge sets in our Stationery Department, so whether it's Bridge, Poker, or Go Fish, come in and see the beautiful bridge sets! 

Bridge Sets in The Little Traveler's Stationery Dept.

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