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Creative Gift Packaging

November 17, 2017

We challenged our custom gift basket design team to come up with six creative ways to package a gift. Here's what they came up with—we hope it inspires you!

1) Dress up a Wine Bottle

Tie a bold, colorful bow around the neck and top with a little bling—we used a crystal snowflake pin as our topper.

2) The Gifting Tree

These yummy candies are as pretty as an ornament, so we used colored twist-ties to attach them to a mini evergreen tree. This is a tree that'll un-decorate itself by the time you need to pack it away for next year. 

3) Build Your Own Tower of Treats

Our tower started with a foundation box of candy, then we added a tin of load-bearing peanuts and topped it with a shortbread cookie penthouse. Secure the tops & bottoms of each level together with tape. Then run ribbons up the sides, give it a frilly bow antenna, and voila—instant gift.

4) Party in a Glass

A stemless wine glass makes a great little gifting vessel. Just add an airplane-sized bottle of liquor and a novelty wine stopper. For decorative fill, use metallic curling ribbon or candies.

5) For Fido and the Person Who's Crazy about Him

Top a pack of healthy dog treats from our Gourmet Rooms with a dog breed ornament from our Christmas Rooms. Wrap it in cellophane and tie with a bow for the finishing touch.

6) A Yummy Picture Stand

This picture stand is made from candy canes! Use it to present a beautiful card, a small picture, a small Christmas dish, or whatever you want. 

Tie three candy canes together and secure with tape and decorative curling ribbon at the top. We've used Hammond's chocolate-filled candy canes to be extra sturdy and extra delicious. Here's the view from the back:

Meet our creative gift basket design team, Marie and Celia:. 

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