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Fair Trade Fashion: Autumn 2019

August 8, 2019

The most extensive selection of Fair Trade goods in Chicagoland 

Fair Trade offers a path out of poverty. Above all, it gives people who would otherwise lack opportunity a chance to hone new skills and earn a living. Therefore, we’re proud to provide a marketplace for these beautiful handicrafts, apparel, agricultural goods, and jewelry. In this post, we highlight the latest in Fair Trade fashion.

Learn more about the principles of Fair Trade and meet more of our vendors.

Fair Trade Fashion Highlights

Mata Traders

Haley from our Candy Room modeled some of our favorite Fair Trade fashion styles from Mata Traders. She shows off the tradition of Indian block printing. Mata Traders combines this artistic technique with contemporary, easy-fit for versatile style.

Mata dresses are made by women's cooperatives in India and Nepal. These co-ops provide training, fair wages, and supportive benefits like healthcare and child care, literacy classes, and financial education. Mata believes empowered women are the solution to global poverty.

Fair Trade Fashions by Mata Traders

Fall Fashions by Mata Traders


Tula Hats

Protect yourself as you travel this sunny world. Tula hats have a UPF50+ rating. As a result, they offer maximum sun protection. These fashionable hats are handwoven of sustainable palm fiber in Mexico. Moreover, the artisans adhere to centuries of traditional techniques.

Fair Trade Fashion Hats by Tula

Hats by Tula


Belart Eco-Resin Jewelry

Belart's stunning Eco-resin jewelry collection is made in the mountainous Andean region of Colombia. The brand believes Mother Nature is the earth's best chemist. Consequently, they hand make jewelry with only bio-based resins. In other words, the resins are made from upcycled or recycled discarded materials. For example, pine bark stripped from trees to make lumber.

Fair Trade Fashion Jewelry by Belart

Eco-Resin Jewelry by Belart


Tree of Life Dress

SPOTTED: Barb from our Gift Gallery looks smashing in the Tree of Life dress by Sure Design. This is one of the hottest clothing brands in our Fair Trade+ Gallery. It comes to us from the creative depths of Bangkok, Thailand. Designed so you can wear it with the tree in front or the back.

Fair Trade Fashion by Sure Design

Tree of Life Dress by Sure Design


Fair Trade Fashion by Avatar Imports

This fun, boho-chic top by Avatar Imports gives Nepali workers a chance to rise out of poverty. (Below; sported by Ashley from our Gift Gallery.) Through partnership with the Friends of Needy Children organization, Avatar and its partner fair trade factory provide fair wages and housing to women who've escaped lives of servitude as kamlari: bonded house slaves who are often mistreated and denied education. Learn more about this initiative here:

Fair Trade Fashion by Avatar Imports

Top by Avatar Imports


Stop in our Fair Trade+ Gallery to find something that's just your style.

The collection is always changing, so you never know what new treasures you'll find.


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