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Fair Trade+ – Summer 2017 Highlights

May 18, 2017

The Most Extensive Collection of Fair Trade Goods in Chicagoland

From over 40 developing nations, artisans and farmers who provide the Fair Trade products in our gallery are paid a fair wage and work in healthy, safe environments.

Handmade jewelry from Marquet is made by members of the Akha tribe in South-East Asia, featuring rough tumbled stones for an eco-chic vibe.

Blossom Inspirations has added baseball bears to its line of alpaca wool toys from Peru—inspired by Chicago’s very own 2016 world champions!

As seen on Shark Tank: Harem and boho-style pants from The Elephant Pants are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand by a talented team that’s paid twice the minimum wage, provided with healthcare, and given a green environment to work in. For every pair of Elephant Pants sold, a donation is made to the International Elephant Foundation.

The “plus” in our Fair Trade+ Galleries is for charitable brands that make the world a better place by giving to those in need.

A new collection from Chavez for Charity benefits Fox Valley Food for Health, an organization committed to providing nutrient rich meals to locals in need who are dealing with a serious illness

See great new summer styles from TOMS—for every pair sold, a child in need gets a brand new pair of shoes.

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