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Top 10 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

October 17, 2018

1. Festive Stuffed Gnome Door Stop 

They certainly don’t have one of these. 
Linen Room 

2. Stemmed and Stemless Wine Glasses 

Etched with maps of Geneva, Batavia, and St. Charles. 

3. Pampa Bay Serveware 

Elegant designs inspired by the stunning Argentinian landscape of Pampa.
Gift Gallery 

4. Nostalgic Boxed Candies

Each represents a favorite decade.
Candy Room

5. Hand-felted Historical Figures 

Made in Kyrgyzstan, preserving the country’s long-held tradition of felting 

Fair Trade+ Gallery 


6. Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Set

Pancakes, syrup & jam beautifully boxed and ready for giving.

7. Artistic Metal Ornaments

By Pilgrim Imports, handcrafted by artisans in rural Chiang Mai Thailand.
Christmas Rooms

8. Italian Christmas Red or White

Wine with labels as festive as the delicious vintages inside the bottles.
Wine Room


9. Warmable & Chillable Eye Masks

Home spas are the best kind of spas.
Bath Shop

10. Little Traveler Gift Card

With 36 rooms full of treasures, they’ll find something they love.
Buy at any register

Little Traveler
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