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Introducing: Knife Sharpening Drop-Off Service

December 3, 2021

Now you can bring in your knives, household & fabric scissors, and garden tools to be sharpened any time! No need to wait for a Knife Sharpening date. Bring your items to be sharpened into our Housewares Dept., and we'll get them to our expert's workshop. After sharpening, your items will be returned to our store for pickup. Please allow at least a week for completion of work. 

John’s Knife Sharpening Service matches timeless skills & knowledge with today's sharpening technology to give you the sharpest edge possible. Restores your cutlery to like new or even sharper! With over thirty years of experience, John's Knife Sharpening Service thoroughly checks each piece before it's returned to customers to make sure it meets their high standards for sharpness. 


Knives - $5-$9 (depending on length and if serrated)

Household & Fabric Scissors - $8-$10

Garden Tools - $8-$12

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