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Introducing Our New Lighting Gallery

April 14, 2016

Things are brightening up around The Little Traveler with the addition of a new lighting gallery. Mike Simon, owner of the mutli-department boutique, explains, “With many lighting showrooms in the area closing recently, we saw a need for an expanded selection of quality home lighting options.”

The Little Traveler did more than just expand its lighting selection. By partnering with top lighting manufacturer Quoizel, the store has created an entire lighting department. Craftsmen at Quoizel headquarters  in Charleston, SC, made custom displays in the company wood shop, then shipped them to Geneva, IL. Jake Phillips, grandson of Quoizel  chairman Ira Phillips, traveled to Geneva to oversee installation.


The Little Traveler has increased its selections of chandeliers and lamps while also adding several options in outdoor and bathroom fixtures. According to Marcia Hardin, The Little Traveler’s buyer for home décor departments, “It’s now easier to shop our lighting collection, and we have a better selection in lighting.”

She adds that “Quiozel is a good choice in lighting because their quality is followed up by a 3 year warranty.”  Quoizel has been in the lighting business for 75 years, and like The Little Traveler, is family owned.


In addition to its collection of chandeliers, lamps, outdoor, and bathroom lighting fixtures, The Little Traveler carries LED bulbs. These bulbs have the best energy savings compared to incandescent, halogen and even CFL bulbs. Senior décor associate Deborah Neumann  says, “They’re expected to last 25,000 hours, approximately seven years. Some are dimmable and offer both warm and cool lighting.”

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