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It’s the Pink Pumpkin, Little Traveler!

October 18, 2021

A special Pink Pumpkin is hiding somewhere in the store. Simply follow the clues while learning pumpkin facts. When you find the Pink Pumpkin take a picture with your phone, present it at check-out, and win a prize!


Halloween isn’t complete without Jack-o’-lanterns, the hollowed pumpkins carved with grotesque faces and lit with candles to amuse trick-or-treaters. But where did the name “Jack-o’-lantern” originate? The most common story comes from an 18th century Irish folk tale about a thief named Jack, who tricked the Devil to not take his soul to Hell when he died. When Jack died the Devil kept his promise and did not take him to Hell, but because Jack was too sinful to enter Heaven his soul was left to wander the Earth for all eternity. When Jack asked how he would be able to see where he was going the Devil tossed him a piece of burning coal, which Jack then placed in a hollowed turnip. He became known as “Jack of the lantern”, or Jack-o’-lantern. While technically not a Jack-o’-lantern, these lit pumpkins have become a huge hit with our customers. Thankfully, batteries have replaced the piece of coal.

Little Traveler
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