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Meet Linda: Customer or Staff Member?

October 24, 2019

When you meet Linda Schamback at The Little Traveler, you could be meeting one of two versions: Linda the Little Traveler fan & shopper or Linda the Little Traveler fan & Clothing Gallery associate. Notice what's the same about those two versions?

For many years, Linda lived near our Geneva, IL store and considered The Little Traveler her go-to place for birthdays, etc. "This place is a celebration," she says. "A celebration of friendship and family."

After she and her husband retired, they moved away, living in Arizona and also Lake Summerset, which is a hundred miles away from Geneva near the Wisconsin border. But that didn't stop The Little Traveler from being her happy place. "People make memories here," she explains, and those memories stuck with her.

While living in Lake Summerset, she led a woman's ministry for a large church. She wanted to share her favorite place with them, and she knew the staff at The Little Traveler would treat them like queens, so she organized a bus trip to Geneva. After hearing Linda rave about Geneva and The Little Traveler, the women wanted to see for themselves what it was all about. The bus tickets sold out immediately. 

The women weren't disappointed. "They were amazed," Linda says. "They'd never seen anything like it. Now they continue to make the drive down here themselves. They'll often call me when they're on their way, saying, 'Guess where we're going!'" 

After twelve years away, Linda moved back to our neck of the woods. Soon after, she wrote us a letter about what The Little Traveler means to her, and it was chosen to appear in our Autumn 2014 Almanack (letter reproduced below). A few years after that, as she thought about how she wanted to live the next chapter of her life, she realized she wanted to make her happy place more than just a shopping destination.

She inquired about employment opportunities at The Little Traveler, and we're so happy she did. Linda now works as one of our fashion experts in the Clothing Galleries. She enjoys being on the "other side of the counter" and helping customers find exactly what they're looking for. "It's so easy for me to relate to our customers because they're me!" Linda says.

When here as a shopper, Linda and her friends sometimes sneak off from the group to buy surprise gifts for each other. "Now I see other people doing the same thing! This is a happy place for so many people."

And so, even on her days off, you might see Linda wandering our rooms with friends and family, celebrating a birthday or simply celebrating a fun day out together.

Linda's letter from Autumn 2014

Dear Little Traveler, 

For over 40 years I've had the joy of calling The Little Traveler my absolute favorite place to have lunch and shop. It's always heartwarming to be greeted by the sales staff that recognize me. Whether I am enjoying the classic delicious sandwich plate or shopping for that unique gift for a special friend or family member, I'm blessed by a friendly welcome and smile.

Each room in my home shows off a treasure that has been purchased at The Little Traveler. However, there is something more that The Little Traveler represents to me, and that is friendship. My dearest friends and I meet there several times a year. We have lived in Arizona and Lake Summerset, IL, and now we are back in the area. Distance never kept me from experiencing the treat of gathering with friends and family members at The Little Traveler.

Recently, I served as a women's director at a church in Northern Illinois and brought a bus load of 57 ladies to experience shopping at my favorite place. They all had a wonderful visit and many continue to come back on their own. 

Thank you for remaining the standard of excellence and charm. As long as I am able, you will always have me as a loyal customer and friend.


Linda Schamback, Elgin, IL






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