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New: JUSTEA, Justly Made Tea from Kenya

March 8, 2021

Why We're Excited About the JusTea Collection

🌱  Artisanal blends by JusTea are the world's first farmer-direct teas. That means they go directly from the farm into production, providing you with a fresher tea, and the hardworking farmers with a higher wage.

🌍  JusTea's small specialty factory is fully staffed, managed, and owned by small-scale Kenyan tea farmers in Nandi Hills.

💜  The JusTea collection includes unique teas that are brand new to the world market, like purple tea. It steeps to a beautiful deep purple hue and contains more antioxidants than green tea with only half the caffeine. It's perfect for the tea lover who's looking for something healthy and different.

☕  So far, JusTea has created over 200 jobs in rural Kenya. Rather than depend on financial aid, these workers independently earn a steady wage, and that money circulates in the village, boosting the local economy.

You can find JusTea in our newly relocated Tea Room, now in the alcove between the Candy Shop and Gourmet Foods



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