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New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

January 11, 2018

Keep those resolutions going strong! We're here to help out with your resolution to get organized in 2018—with fun products that'll make it feel more like you're playing than "working."

1. Fun & Decorative List pads

Housewares Department

So pretty, you'll want to have them out in the open so it's easy to write down those lists that'll help keep your thoughts and to-do's organized.

2. Handy Address & Password Books

Paper Department

Technology is great 'n all, but it's not foolproof. Get those addresses and passwords organized in one of these handy spiral-bound books—small enough to stash out of the way or carry with you to have the information at your fingertips.

3. Organizational Purses, Wallets & Accessories

Vera Bradley Room & Accessories Department

Organization never looked so great. These purses, wallets & ID holders from Vera Bradley are divided into several compartments so you can have a place for everything & keep everything in its place. No more fumbling around!

4. Recipe Boxes and Books

Housewares Department

Save all your faves in one place, and organize them so that they're easy to find right when you need them. These recipe books and boxes are so pretty, you'll want to keep them on display—where they'll always be in reach.

5. Brighton Travel Bags

Brighton Room

Stay organized while on the go. These super-light, durable travel bags have zippered pockets right where you need them for easy access and security. When not in use, they fold up small, and each one comes with its own pouch for storage. Toss it into your other luggage or a drawer until it's needed. How's that for simplified?  



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