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#FairTradeFriday Sandpiper Imports

November 14, 2014

Sandpiper Imports is the result of the lifelong friendship of two loyal Chicagoans—Sara and Erika. The two women love traveling, social responsibility, and beautiful jewelry. They were enchanted by Bali and were inspired to turn their passions into a business. Sandpiper Imports brings unique .925 sterling silver jewelry handcrafted by artisans in Bali to our Fair Trade Gallery in Geneva, IL. Each piece is chosen for its remarkable beauty and detail and is like a piece of art that you wear. The company upholds the principles of Fair Trade in all aspects of its business.

fair-trade-sandpiperimports-dreamballsWhen you come in to see the collection, be sure to check out the Dream Balls. Each Dream Ball is an intricately-designed sterling silver pendant containing a brass bell. The bell softly chimes, evoking a sense of overall calm and tranquility. In Bali, expectant mothers wear Dream Balls during their pregnancy. The tranquil chiming sound is believed to help soothe and relax their unborn child. It's also become a tradition to give a a Dream Ball pendant as a gift to represent timeless friendship. These Fair Trade  treasures are handcrafted by skilled Balinese artisans.

Bali has become a a second home to Sara and Erica. Since they're both animal lovers, they adopted two charitable organizations there: Bali Animal Welfare Association and Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Center.

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