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The Golden Cherub Game

January 6, 2022

In 2020, you met Rosie the Bat. In 2021, you searched our store for the Pink Pumpkin. In the winter of 2022, we give a nod to a longtime icon of The Little Traveler with a Golden Cherub. Over the next four weeks, this Golden Cherub will be hiding somewhere in our store. We'll give you a new clue each week to help you find it. When you spot the Golden Cherub, take a photo on your phone and present it at the front-of-store checkout register to claim a prize.

CLUE for January 18-23

From cherubs we move to archangels, namely the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is known for sounding a trumpet or horn. The first mention of Gabriel and a trumpet comes from a 10th century hymn by the Armenian saint Nerses IV the Gracious.  In John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1665), Gabriel is mentioned to sound the trumpet on the last day. Since then, books, movies, TV shows, and songs will identify Gabriel with a trumpet.

While the Little Traveler is not a music store, this room displays several instruments, including a trumpet—though it may be difficult to play, even for an angel.

Little Traveler

Meet Our Special Events Coordinator

We’re thrilled to announce a new role at The Little Traveler AND a wonderful new member of our team to fulfill that role. A BIG welcome to Betsy Koepnick! She’s our Special Events Coordinator and will oversee the many, many events that take place...

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