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Top 10 Gifts for Kids

October 16, 2019

The Toy Shop and Beyond

Stop in our Toy Shop to feel like a kid again. It’s filled with educational games, puzzles, books, and toys.

More for Kiddos Around the Store

Mini holiday fashions for infants & toddlers in the Baby Room.

Kids in the Kitchen: K id-sized aprons & cooking utensils and child-friendly cookbooks in Housewares.

Candy Advent Calendars in our old-fashioned Candy Shop. Plus chocolate Santas! 

Don't Miss These Book Signings

A signed book makes a meaningful gift for kids. 

JB Michaels, author of the middle-grade Christmas series The Tannenbaum Tailors will be at our store on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7.

Meet Todd Zimmermann, author of the children's Christmas book with an anti-bullying message Oliver the Ornament, when he's here for a book signing on Saturday, December 7.

Top 10 Gifts for Kids

1. Candy Cane Ring Toss

Fun for the whole family!

Toy Room


2. Big-Mouthed Silly Puppets

Toy Room

3. Craft Hot Chocolate Mixes

• Peppermint Fudge

• Marshmallow Fudge

Tea Room

4. Animal Head Shaped Puzzles

Toy Room

5. Banana Panda Puzzles and Memory Games

Toy Room

6. Cookies for Santa Mix Comes with a Cookie Cutter.

• Chocolate Reindeer

• Vanilla Snowmen


7. Furry Paw Mitts for Playtime

Toy Room

8. Putumayo Books & Activity Sets

Broaden their world.

Fair Trade+ Gallery

9. Jellycat Cuddly Stuffed Animal

Baby Room

10. Belgian Chocolate Lollipops In whimsical holiday shapes.

Candy Room

Little Traveler
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