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Top 10 Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

October 16, 2019

Welcome to Our Pet Palace

Our brand new Pet Palace in the Gift Galleries (a/k/a the Swarovski and Candle Room) is the home of a fun new array of gifts, necessities, and mementos for four-legged friends and those who love them. Find zany toys, pet bandanas & sweatshirts, and gourmet treats. For their humans, find picture frames, signs, dog breed towels, etc.

Top 10 Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

1. Treat Mix for Dogs and Cats

• Bone shapes for dogs

• Fish shapes for cats

Gourmet/Pet Palace

2. Catnips & Tuna Treats Tin

Add tuna & egg to make homemade treats for kitties.

Gourmet/Pet Palace

3. Peanut Butter Dog Treats Tin

Add eggs, water & peanut butter for homemade dog treats.

Gourmet/Pet Palace

4. Houndstooth Dog Blanket

Pet Palace

5. Braided Bone Dog Toy

Pet Palace

6. Doggie Hoodie

Pet Palace

7. Dog Breed Kitchen Towels

Housewares/Pet Palace

8. Pet Picture Frames

Pet Palace/Gift Gallery

9. Sassy Pet Bandanas

Pet Palace

10. Novelty Dog Toys

Pet Palace

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