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We Now Carry T-Shirts by Ivory Ella

July 12, 2021

Fashionable & Philanthropic

These adorable graphic T's featuring elephants and other animals are hand-dyed in New Hampshire & screen-printed in Rhode Island.

10% Of Profits Donated to Worthy Charities

Every time you buy a piece of Ivory Ella clothing, you're not only about to look good - you're also doing good because the company donates 10% of net profits to great causes like Save the Elephants, Hearts and Bones, and Reef Restoration Foundation. Read the tag on your T-shirt to see which organization it supports. 

A Lifecycle of Sustainability

Ivory Ella takes sustainability seriously through every step of the production process. For example, their T-shirts are made at a partner facility in India of certified organic cotton. They use advanced technology to reduce water consumption in the production process and even harvest rainwater. Their shipping boxes and packing materials are made from recycled paper.

Find Ivory Ella right outside the Atrium Café entrance. 


Little Traveler
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