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We’re Celebrating March Anniversaries

March 15, 2021

Maria Elena - Celebrating 22 Years

On March 1, we celebrated Maria Elena's (a/k/a Mary) 22nd anniversary at The Little Traveler. We know---she looks WAY too young to have been here that long! In addition to being one of our artistic gift basket designers, she's always jumped in to help wherever else she was needed. But during this past year, we've really put her versatility to the test.

Last spring, when the store was completely closed, she assembled Mother's Day gift baskets for our Online Shop from her home. During our reopening, she's been busy at our main checkout register. Plus, she helped design and wrap HUNDREDS of gift bundles at Christmastime and is now busy designing Easter baskets. In between it all, you may have also spotted her greeting customers at our Fulton Street entrance or setting up in-store displays. As Mary jokes, "I just need to cook for the Café and then I'll have done everything."

Here's what some of her co-workers have to say about her:

"Mary's the sweetest, kindest, hardest working woman, and she's very, very, VERY creative. The Little Traveler is so lucky to have her as part of the team!" ~Jane, Candy Room and Tea Room Manager

"Mary's a true delight to work with. And she's always flexible and willing to help wherever needed." ~Heidi, Gourmet and Housewares Manager

"I've had the opportunity to work more directly with Mary since COVID and am even more impressed with her work ethic. Her attention to detail while running the checkout, along with her partner in crime, is like a very well oiled machine. I know when Mary is there, everything will be done correctly. She's a pleasure to work with and it's obvious how much she cares about her job." ~Mary Lou, Staffing, Christmas & Housewares Manager

Thank you, Mary, for 22 years of always going the extra mile. We appreciate you! 🤗💕💐

Sara - Celebrating 5 Years

On March 8, we celebrated Sara's 5-year anniversary at The Little Traveler. As a lifelong resident of Batavia, IL, she's been coming here all her life with her grandmother and mother - literally since she was a baby - and often thought about working here. Five years ago, she decided it was time, and we're so glad she did!

Sara started in our Accessories Rooms, moved to the Baby Room, and eventually to the Shoe Room, where she's now our resident footwear expert. While the store was shut down during the holiday season, you may have had a chance to talk with Sara when she served as a Personal Shopper. When not doing that, she jumped in to help out with fulfilling Online Shop orders. Now that we've reopened, you can find her in any of our Fashion Galleries.

Sara says her favorite thing about working at The Little Traveler is "the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all over." Congrats on 5 years, Sara & THANK YOU for all you do. 🤗💕💐

P.S. In case you're wondering, Sara's personal favorite shoe brand is Birkenstock. "I never thought I'd say that," she admits, "but they're a great fit for my feet, and that's so important when I'm on my feet all day."

Mary Lou - Celebrating 2 Years (+10)

March 11 marked two years since Mary Lou returned to The Little Traveler team. She's become "Facebook famous" for starring in many of our LIVE shopping events.

Some of you might be scratching your heads, thinking, "Only two years?" That's probably because you remember Mary Lou from throughout the 90s when she was our Housewares Buyer & Manager. She left to pursue other career opportunities, and when she decided it was time to work closer to home, fond memories of her time at The Little Traveler brought her back. And she fits right in like she never left. 

"I'm thrilled to be back," Mary Lou says. "I really enjoy the family atmosphere, which hasn't changed at all during the twenty years in between." What's the biggest thing that has changed during that time? "When I left," Mary Lou says, "we were still writing up receipts by hand!"

Mary Lou is now the Buyer and Manager of both our Christmas Department and Gift Gallery. During 2020, we kept her extra busy as spokesperson on our live Facebook shopping shows, and she also took on the herculean task of transferring the entire Christmas Dept. to its new home in the Conservatory (FYI, at the moment, Christmas is temporarily packed away until July). Now Mary Lou is busy putting together beautiful themed displays in our Gift Galleries. She's like our very own Energizer Bunny!

Thank you, Mary Lou, for all that you do. 🤗💕💐

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