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Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair™

September 30 @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Most Magical Hair in the World!

Official Finklepott Fairies Maryanne and Suzanne will be in our Linen Room* to fuse strands of magical sparkle hair to individual strands of your human hair. *Please note the change in location from what was advertised in the Almanack. 

Appointments are full, but the fairies will accept a limited number of walk-ins on the day of the event.

It only takes minutes and lasts until that hair falls out. Most enjoy Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair™ for weeks to months. You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, flat iron, (up to 450°!), color it, straighten it, perm it, blow it dry, get your hair cut, etc. Do whatever you normally do to your hair—but most of all, ENJOY it! 

Cost & Payment

Cash Payments are preferred. Credit cards payments will be charged a convenience fee.

Each person will be limited to a maximum of 40 strands.

10 strands (one color) =$30

15 strands (up to two colors) =$40

20 strands (up to two colors) =$50

30 strands (up to three colors) =$75

40 strands (up to three colors) =$100 

Finklepott's Fairies love to help you find EXACTLY the perfect color to reflect your *SHINE*! They have all the colors of the rainbow (AND Rainbow).

How to Prepare

Hair that is brushed, (clean if possible), and WITHOUT hairspray or product is the best for the fairies to work with. Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair™cannot be applied to wet hair. Please know that you when you come for your Sparkling session, the fairies will need to first remove any other types of “fairy hair” or tinsel that you may already have in your hair. They stand by the safety and quality of Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair™. They can’t combine their product with strands of unknown origin, and only a Finklepott Fairy can apply their product.

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™ typically does not last as long in young children (8 and under) because of their frequent shedding patterns. Please be aware of this when making your purchase. The fairies find plenty of exceptions to this rule, and no matter what, getting Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™ is a magical experience for all ages! They don't have a specific age for a child to receive Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™, however, there are three requirements that must be met in order to receive Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™:

  1. The child must be able to speak in full sentences in order to give verbal consent to receive Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™.

  2. The child must be able to sit in the chair by themself.

  3. The child needs to be able to sit still while receiving Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™

Photo and Video Policies

It is important to please note that while the fairies are working their Official Finklepott Fairy Magic, they do not allow any photography or videos to be taken; however, they'll be happy to engage in a posed photo at the end of the sparkling session. Any photos or videos taken must be first granted permission from the Finklepott Fairy.

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Instagram: @finklepottsfairyhair
Facebook: FinklepottsFairyHair
Fairy Hotline: 919-802-2800--


September 30
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Event Category:
Little Traveler
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