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Department 56

We're a Department 56 Platinum Key Dealer

The Little Traveler is famous for it's year-round Department 56 display. We have all the villages, including Snow Village Halloween. Our status as a Platinum Key Dealer means we get delivery on key Department 56 pieces earlier than other retailers. We'll also receive limited-edition pieces with special embellishments only available to Platinum Key Dealers.

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See Our Villagemaker in Action

Every year, our village displays are redone from scratch to incorporate new pieces. Here's a quick time-lapse video to show you one of them coming together.

History of Department 56

The idea for Department 56 Snow Village was born one Christmas evening. A group of friends went out to dinner at a small country inn nestled in a quiet river town. The lights sparkled on the new-fallen snow, inspiring fond Christmas memories. The desire to preserve the magic of the moment led the creation of a miniature Christmas village.

Over the years, the villages expanded to include the North Pole, Dicken’s Village, Disney Village, etc. Each year brings new additions. From the quaint Dicken's and Snow Villages to the magical North Pole to spooky Snow Village Halloween, Department 56 villages are thoughtfully created with hand-craftsmanship. The highest level of architectural detail adds authenticity. Create stunning, memorable displays that reflect your style and imagination. 

The Little Traveler's Collection

Department 56 HalloweenWhat better place to put together the village of your dreams than our very own Little Traveler building. We're located in the picturesque village of Geneva, Illinois. Our Department 56 collection is one of the most complete you'll find. We set all of our buildings and accessories amid sparkling hills, cascading rivers, and shining mountains.

Our Halloween Village collection has grown so much, it has its very own display.


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