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Swarovski Store

More than a Swarovski Store—We're a Swarovski Crystal Forest Boutique

The Swarovski store inside The Little Traveler is proud to be designated as a Swarovski Crystal Forest Boutique. This means we have one of the largest collections of Swarovski crystal in the area. All of it is displayed in custom cabinetry designed to maximize the sparkle. 

The Little Traveler's Swarovski collection is located in our Gift Galleries. You'll find a sparkling and elegant selection of Swarovski cut crystal figurines, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and ornaments in a wide variety of styles.

The Little Traveler's Swarovski store is a must-stop for brides, mothers and grandmothers of the bride, and the wedding party. Distinctive jewelry for all special occasions. Swarovski makes a truly timeless gift. Recipients will treasure it with fond memories forever.

What Makes Swarovski Special

Every piece tells a story. The process is steeped in 120 years of craftsmanship yet evolves to stay current. The finest of crystals are enhance with beading, pavé, bezel, and prong settings. Proprietary techniques lend ultra-precision to hand-crafted pieces. From initial design sketches to creation, attention to detail is paramount.

Swarovski Store Events

The Little Traveler hosts Swarovski events throughout the year. Around Mother's Day and Christmas, be sure to visit our events listing. Look for dates when our Swarovski representative will be in the store to tell you more about the collection. At our Swarovski store events, we have a habit of giving away gifts with purchase. 

History of Swarovski

In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a revolutionary machine. It allowed crystal to be cut more precisely than ever before. Three years later, he founded a company in Wattensa market town of the Innsbruck-Land District in the Austrian state of Tyrol. His guiding principal: "To constantly improve what is good." That's what the company has been doing ever since.


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