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Mrs. Darlington’s Legendary Lemon Curd


Mrs. Darlington’s Legendary Lemon Curd began its story over 30 years ago when a surplus of eggs from the family farm led her to use them up by making batches of her homemade Lemon Curd. 100 jars was a typical day’s production! She then sold the Lemon Curd on her egg round in the local towns and villages. The local Brownies collected jars and Marion’s daughters did the labelling after school for a princely sum of a halfpenny. Today, Marion Darlington has moved on from her farmhouse to production in Lancaster Fields, Crewe, Cheshire, UK, her daughters are grown up and work with her and she sells 400,000 jars a year! While production is much larger, quality has not been sacrificed – this is one of the best Lemon Curds we have ever tried. They describe their curd as being like “sunshine in a jar” and we concur! Fabulous on hot buttered toast or freshly baked croissants – it’s the taste of childhood memories.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free

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