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Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Set


Movie Night Popcorn Set. Find easy-to-use directions on each label or see individual product pages for more recipes and tips.

White Gold Kernels — Classic & light pops up with a fluffy texture. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA.

Ruby Red Kernels — Deep red kernels pop up with a slightly sweet taste. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA.

Tricolor Kernels — Festive blend of ruby red, indigo blue and white gold kernels. Non-GMO, grown in the Midwest USA

White Cheddar Seasoning — The ultimate cheese topping

Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn Seasoning — Traditional carnival flavor at home

Sizzling Sriracha Seasoning — A super spicy kick

Buttery Caramel Corn Seasoning — Old-fashioned caramel corn made easy

Chili Lime Seasoning — Bright and citrusy with a little spice

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