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The Swedish Days Swindle


From the best selling author of “The Christmas Walk Caper” comes JB Michaels’ new book, “The Swedish Days Swindle”!  In the new book detective couple Mac and Millie must stop an infamous group of thieves from robbing the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, and solve a murder.

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It is Summertime in Geneva and the living’s easy. Millie and Mac return to Third street to enjoy the simmering season’s marquis event, Swedish Days. Will our dynamic duo get to enjoy this Geneva event? Or, will the day’s fun lessen with murderous detriment? At this point, you know the answer.

When a body bobs in the Fox River, Mac and Millie set aside their date to help solve the case of the deathly swimmer. As they examine the body, multiple downtown Geneva businesses report theft of their daily earnings. A coincidence? Perhaps.

The unique shopping, delectable ice cream snacks, carnival rides, and concert vibes do little to lessen the impact when someone dies. As the evening fireworks are set to kindle, the Geneva Chamber of Commerce falls victim to the Swedish Days Swindle.

Read more about it at The Daily Herald.

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