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A Letter from a Friend

October 24, 2018

Dear Little Traveler, 

I’m writing to tell you how much I needed a visit to your store. I was staying at the Pheasant Run resort as a participant in The Little Berks conference on Women’s History. I love tea, so when I saw that you had a teashop, I knew Little Traveler was where I wanted to have lunch. In May, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and two other learning disabilities. It took months to get this diagnosis and was extremely difficult to watch my child’s academic confidence be so shredded by her unrecognized struggles. Fortunately and unfortunately, the diagnosis opened up a whole other path of decisions, worries, frustrations and occasionally, tears. While I sat and had lunch by myself, as the water from the fountain flowed beside me, while I browsed the store, I felt a return to normalcy and hopefulness that I hadn’t felt in months. I truly credit my brief time at Little Traveler as a turning point in my sense of relaxation and really starting to feel like “We can do this.” Little Traveler is more than a shop; for some customers, it’s an oasis.

~Mary Dillard, Yonkers, NY


Little Traveler

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