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A New Face Around Our Place: Hali

August 6, 2021

Hali joined the LT family in early June and has quickly become our "Wine Guru." She works in Gourmet and pours samples of seasonal wine selections. When a new vintage is about to be uncorked, Hali goes the extra mile to research all about the wine so she can share interesting info with you.

She'd never been to The Little Traveler until her mom (a/k/a Betsey from our Fashion Galleries) started working here a few years ago. At her mom's suggestion, she came into the store to shop for unique Christmas gifts...and fell in love with the place. "It's hard to pick a favorite department because they're all so great," Hali says, but when we made her choose, she said it's a four-way tie between "clothes, shoes, Fair Trade, and wine."

When she interviewed to work here, she didn't know which department she'd be in, but she says, "I knew that no matter where I was placed, it would be good." We think you'll agree that the Gourmet & Wine rooms are a great fit for her. "When you're pouring wine, everybody loves you!" she says. But we appreciate Hali for much more than the free wine samples and are excited to have her on #TeamTraveler.

So, what's Hali's favorite wine? Lately, she's been enjoying Flybird Margarita agave wines. Stop by our Gourmet Rooms, and Hali will be happy to tell you what she loves about it.

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