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Autumn Spice

August 20, 2019

Warm Up with Seasonal Teas

The Downton Abbey movie premiered in theaters on September 20 - what better way to celebrate than with a spot of tea inspired by our favorite characters? In Plum Pudding, Royal Spice, and Ginger Mint Herb blends. By The Republic of Tea.

Premium spice blends by The Republic of Tea will warm up your autumn—Golden Pumpkin, Hot Apple Cider, and Pumpkin Spice. The newest sensation in teas for wellness are Avocado Leaf Teas. Loaded with super antioxidants, avocado leaves are a natural anti-inflammatory and are believed to have many other health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and easing anxiety. Handpicked from avocado groves in California.

You’ll love the fresh, bright look of our Tea Room. It was the vision of Jane Bristow, our former Gourmet Manager, whom we’re thrilled to welcome back as buyer for our Tea & Candy Rooms and for our Stonewall Kitchen Shop.

Snack Mania—A Foodie Haven

The shelves in our Gourmet Rooms are stocked with the most innovative and delicious staples for your pantry. We have two new snack items that you’ve g o t to try. The Mississippi Cheese Straws Factory started with an heirloom recipe in Yazoo City, MS, where good food and hospitality run deep. Their crispy texture combined with rich flavors of Cheddar and Asiago are like nothing you’ve ever had before. Wine Sticks & Beer Buddies are like biscotti for wine and beer. Each flavor is crafted to be paired with a specific variety. Use them to enhance the drinking experience and make your cheese trays stand out.

It's Slowcooker and Instant Pot Season

Hot homestyle meals and soups are a snap with crockpot mixes by Delicae. All natural ingredients with no added salt.


Big Easy Jambalaya

Grandpa’s Beef Barley

Mexican Fiesta Tortilla Soup


Stonewall Kitchen Shop

Chicagoland’s Largest Selection Chicago land’s Largest Selection

These favorite gourmet baking mixes and spreads have been spiced up with all-natural apple cider, pumpkin, and maple flavors for fall. Starting with the highest quality ingredients and crafted in small batches, you’re getting the very best in every single box and jar.

Trick or Treat!

Find candies and treats to delight kids of all ages in our old-fashioned Candy Shop. New this year—for those who speak fluent sarcasm: Misfortune Cookies. They won’t predict eternal love or unimaginable wealth, but they’ll definitely cause a chuckle...or perhaps a sneer. Could go either way, really.



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