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Congrats on 25 Years!

September 26, 2019

We're celebrating another anniversary at The Little Traveler. Celia has been with the store for twenty-five years! We're so lucky to have her. From the beginning, it was apparent that she was a treasure. On the September day in 1994 when she interviewed with then store manager Arlene Brown and co-owner Mr. R, they hired her on the spot and she began working that very day.

Celia is one half of our custom gift basket design team. We think of her as more of a magician because she can take whatever assortment of items she's handed and turn them into a beautiful one-of-a-kind display. (Learn more about our Gift Basket design service and see examples of Celia's work.). 

But that's not all she does. Celia also keeps our candy room stocked with pretty little bagged confections and is always willing to jump in whenever we shout, "Help!" In further proof that she goes the extra mile for The Little Traveler—everything she's wearing is from our store, from her sparkly earrings to her hand-painted shoes.

In the quarter of a century that Celia's worked at The Little Traveler, she says the biggest change she's seen around the store is the increased variety in product offerings. "We now have something for everyone, all ages," she says.

Celia's favorite part of working at The Little Traveler is the freedom to be creative in her gift basket designs. She appreciates the friendly managers who trust her judgment and let her "do her thing" without restrictions. Celia has fully earned that creative freedom because she's never let us down. 

Thank you, Celia, for the talent and positive energy you bring to The Little Traveler. 


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