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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 5, 2023

Who says guys don't like gifts that come in little (traveler) pink bags? Our staff has some great suggestions for Father's Day. 

It's a Dad...It's a Dude...It's Gadget-Man!

If there's one things dad's love, it's gadgets. Our Gift Gallery now carries a collection of high-quality brass gadgets that are actually useful. 

Keep Him Ready for Any Grilling Emergency

Yes, there's even a grilling tool gadget.


Gadgets That Fit in His Pocket

For more gadgetty choices, wander over to our Stationery Dept. for helpful gadgets that Dad can slip right into his pocket. 

Get Saucy

Top off Dad's magnificent grilling feats with a delicious sauce. Our Gourmet Rooms have a bunch to choose from.

Have the Cleanest Dad on the Block

Duke Cannon soaps come in a big ol' brick that's three times larger than a regular bar of soap. They're made to wash away a hard day's work and leave behind the faint trace of masculine scent. Each bar is triple-milled for a thick lather.


For Dads with Fabulous Facial Hair

Duke Cannon also makes a full line of beard-care for lush, luxurious locks. 

Bestow His Rightful Crown

Show Dad that you see him—and you appreciate his channel-changing prowess.


He Can Have His Bourbon and Eat It, Too

Let Dad indulge in the latest culinary craze—bourbon-flavored everything. 

Manly Candles

Get Torched Candles are poured into repurposed beer bottles and feature scents inspired by dad's favorite brews.

A Supportive Friend for His Favorite Frosty Beverage

Just a little somethin' to encourage Dad to sit down and chillax.

You Can't Go Wrong with a Card

Our Stationery Dept. has many fun & loving ways to wish Dad well on his special day.

Little Traveler
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