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Outdoor Entertaining

May 15, 2024

Summertime is all about picnics, backyard barbecues, and spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors. Our buyers have discovered a treasure trove of wonderful items that will add an extra splash of flavor and fun to your summer.

A Bevy of Beverages

Craft Sodas

Have the best picnics ever with the best sodas ever! Root beer and creative flavors from Wild Bill’s are made with all-natural ingredients for pure deliciousness. Harry Potter fans don’t need Hogsmeade—they can pick up Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer in our Candy Shop.

Obscurity Ciders

Locally brewed in Elburn, IL, these new sweet ciders are expertly crafted by Zak Beckman, renowned for his unique sweet cider crafting skills. Try vibrant & tangy Tart Cherry, bright & harmonious Berry Rosé, and tropical & juicy Pineapple.

Easy Mixed Drinks

No blender is needed to impress your guests with tasty frozen cocktails. Add your choice of wine or spirits to drink mix packets, and then simply mix, freeze, pour, and enjoy! Also see new ready-to-drink cocktails from Copper Can.

Iced Teas for Health

Iced tea can be refreshing and healthy! Big Heart Teas incorporate natural herbs with various benefits. For example, Cup of Sunshine includes turmeric and ginger to aid in digestion. Avocado leaf teas are loaded with extraordinary nutrients and antioxidants. Available in peach and lemon blends—perfect over ice.

BBQ Sauces

With the varied selection of BBQ sauces in our Gourmet Rooms, you can savor a different flavor each weekend of summer. We’ve got it all, from classic Southern style and sweet & spicy Kansas City style sauces by Geneva-based Whiteford’s to inventive BBQ blends like Boozy Bacon and Roasted Peach from Stonewall Kitchen. Add the perfect kick of heat with Rack Masters spicy BBQ sauce.

Reinvent Cooking with Dreamfarm

Dreamfarm designs innovative kitchen gadgets that solve problems. Each piece is expertly designed and tested for maximum utility.

With the Corpeel, you can strip corn from the cob more efficiently than you ever imagined—and without making a mess! Side grips ensure controlled operation, and the Corpeel folds for safe storage.

Dreamfarm’s Brizzle is the ultimate basting brush, designed to scoop up sauce and drizzle it onto roasts, grilled meats, and vegetables. It features a scooping head that evenly releases marinades and sauces onto the bristles. The clever bent-handle design keeps bristles up and off surfaces when you set the Brizzle down.

Discover many more Dreamfarm cooking solutions in our Housewares department.

A Dash of Sass

Bring the fun to all of your summer events with witty cocktail napkins and coasters.

Stop by our Stationery or Housewares departments for dozens of giggles.

The Stonewall Kitchen Shop

We have the largest collection in Chicagoland! High-quality, natural ingredients are the key to Stonewall’s superior flavor.

NEW! Taco Toppers turn taco night into a creative gourmet experience with zesty mango and pineapple salsa blends. Also enjoy on grilled chicken.

Salsas & Quesos in endless flavors are always a hit. To name just a few...bacon queso, ghost pepper queso, peach salsa, street corn salsa & mango lime salsa.

Make summer salads special with tantalizing gourmet dressings like creamy avocado cilantro, sesame ginger, and roasted garlic vinaigrette.

Raise the bar on grilled burgers and hot dogs with Stonewall classics such as Country Ketchup, Sweet Honey Mustard, Pickle Slaw, and Sriracha Aioli.

Nora Fleming

We’ve got the most complete collection in Chicagoland.

Durable melamine serveware is made for outdoor entertaining, especially when you pop on a summertime Mini. Dress up the Sectional Server or Chip & Dip with a silicone color band—available in 9 shades.


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