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The Ancient Art of Quilling

April 1, 2021

The Quilling Card collection in our Fair Trade+ Gallery is like a miniature art gallery. That's why we also sell square matted frames that are the perfect size for displaying your favorites. Each card is individually crafted into a stunning three-dimensional design.

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A Quick History of Quilling

Quilling is an age-old art that many speculate dates back to ancient Egypt. During the Renaissance, monks and nuns practiced quilling with the gilded edges of book pages. In later years, it became a hobby for European women of means. Today, it's made a resurgence as an accessible hobby for everyone. 

The Quilling Card Story

After years of experience with big corporations, Quilling Card co-founder Huong Nguyen Wolf followed her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the art of quilling to create a successful greeting card company. The company not only puts beautiful artwork into the world, as a certified Fair Trade company, it provides skills training and income for more than 300 artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where each card is meticulously handcrafted. The company also supports US workers with design development, business operations, and sales based in Framingham, Massachusetts.     

How It's Done

The Quilling Card artisans use a high quality kishu paper in a rainbow of colors to bring artistic designs to life. The process starts by creating a tight coil of paper in the desired color. Then the artisan lets the coils loosen to the appropriate size and works with tweezers to create the desired shape before placing on the card. Each card takes an hour to create by hand.

See the process in action in the video below. 


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