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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dad

May 20, 2019

We know you don't typically think of men when it comes to The Little Traveler, but as the list below shows, we've got plenty of treasures that men will enjoy. It's a great opportunity to get him something he probably wouldn't go out and buy for himself. 

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16 

1. Sports Team...

Flags, Tervis drink containers, and coasters with built-in bottle openers. 

Find them in our Housewares Department

2. Fold Out Tech Pocket 

A handy wallet that he can attach to his phone for easy grabbing & going. 

Find it in our Stationery Department

3. Box of Beer Games 

Quizzes for beer buffs & casuals. 

Find them in our Stationery Department

4. Duke Cannon 

Soaps, solid cologne, hair wash & lip balm. 

Find the collection in our Bath Shop

5. "Da Bears" T-shirt & Hat 

Have him ready for summer training camp. 

Find them in the Guy's Gallery (next to Baby Room). See bottom of post for more details. 

6. Craft Beer & Hard Cider 

Stouts, pilsners, and more. Mix & match a six-pack. 

Find them in our Gourmet Wine Room

7. Solar Yard Stakes 

In dad-friendly shapes like campers & trucks. 

Find them in our Conservatory

8. Sustainable Palm Fiber Fedora 

With a 50+ UPF rating, which means 0% transmittance of harmful rays. He'll be looking hot and feeling cool. 

Find the collection in our Fair Trade+ Gallery

9. Grilling Spices & Sauces 

With enough variety to satisfy both sweet dads and spicy dads. 

Find all of our collections in the Gourmet Rooms

10. Manly Metal Wall Art 

Featuring motorcycles & airplanes. 

Find them displayed throughout the store (ask for assistance in the Linen Room). 


Bonus: Year-Round Guy's Gallery 

If none of the gift ideas above strike your fancy, try the Guy's Gallery in the gallery between Women’s Apparel and the Baby Shop. This season, you can browse vintage camp shirts, T-shirts, socks, hats & more. 

Little Traveler
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