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Top 10 Gifts for Guys

October 17, 2018

This time of year, we set up a Men’s Shop in the Clothing Galleries, with a selection of sweaters, ties, socks & more that you won’t find just anywhere else. Find more great gifts for men in many other departments.

1. Chicago Sports Team Car Coasters

+ yard flags!

2. Manly Socks

Sports, cars, cards, tools & golf patterns.
Shoe Room & Men’s Shop

3. A Clock

For his man cave.
Gift Gallery

4. Fishing & Hunting Notepads

With bottle openers attached.
Paper Department

5. Men’s Solid Cologne & Soaps

Earthy, manly scents by Duke Cannon.
Bath Shop

6. Multi-tools & Pocket Knives

With masculine retro styling.
Paper Department

7. Recycled Tire Wallets

Sturdy & handcrafted in El Salvador from reclaimed tire inner tubes, which would otherwise be left as roadside trash.
Fair Trade+ Gallery

8. Sports & Great Outdoors Ornaments

They also might like musical, retro & food-themed ornaments.
Christmas Rooms

9. Shirts, Sweaters & Ties

In the seasonal Men’s Shop set up in our
Clothing Galleries

10. Craft Beer Candles by Rescued Wine.

10% of profits benefit man’s best friend through animal rescue organizations.
Gift Gallery

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