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Top 10 Grown-up Stocking Stuffers

October 20, 2017
1. Tony’s Chocolonely Bars
(slave-free chocolate)
Fair Trade Galleries/Gourmet

2. A Nora Fleming Mini

3. Bottle-stoppers & Wine Charms

4. Single-serve Hot Cocoas
Tea Room

5. Retro Lip Tins & Roll-ons
Bath Shop

6. Baabaazuzu Upcycled Mittens
Clothing Galleries

7. A Blessing Bracelet
Accessories Rooms

8. Travel Candles & Tins
Gift Gallery

9. Nostalgic Candy
Candy Room

10. Little Traveler Gift Card
Buy in any room

Little Traveler

A Letter from a Friend

Dear Little Traveler, I’m writing to tell you how much I needed a visit to your store. I was staying at the Pheasant Run resort as a participant in The Little Berks conference on Women’s History. I love tea, so when I saw that you had a teashop,...

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