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5 Travel Essentials

April 6, 2018

Whether you're crossing the globe or just getting away for a quick weekend, toss these 5 items into your luggage to bring a little extra joy and ease to your travels.

1. Lightweight Poncho

Rolls up nice & small and can even fit into your purse. Keep it handy in case you get chilled on the plane or in the car. Perfect to have on hand for nighttime strolls anywhere!

2. On-the-go Spa

Skincare doesn't have to suffer just because you're away from home. Slip a few of these individually packaged facial mask sheets and cucumber eye pads into your bag to relax and refresh wherever you are. Mini massagers fit anywhere and provide essential trigger-point relief at the end of busy days exploring new lands.

3. Fair Trade Zipper Pouches

Travel with an international vibe and stay organized. IDs, Oyster cards (or other public transport passes), and loose change are easy to keep track of in the smaller zipped pouches. Bigger pouches can hold passports or makeup.

4. Vera Bradley Hanging Travel Organizer

There's a place for everything and everything stays in its place - and easy to find in clear compartments. Comes with a hidden metal hanger so you don't need to unpack. Just unroll, hang, and be off to see the sights.

5. Shoes Made for Walkin'

Our Shoe Room is filled with brands noted for style and comfort, so you can look good and feel good wherever you go. Our newest addition is Dansko, infused with legendary all-day support.

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