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Fizzy Magic Bath Bombs for Kids

April 23, 2019

Meet the Fizzy Magic Founder

Fizzy Magic founder Mary Westerhaus stopped by The Little Traveler to share her inspiration behind the magical bath bombs for kids. It all started when her son asked "Why not?" when he was told that bath bombs don't have a toy at the center. Guess what—now they do.

See them in action in this demonstration with Mary Westerhaus:.

Bath Bombs for Kids

Fizzy Magic makes a splash at bath time with good-for-you bath bombs with a surprise toy at the center. They're made with natural ingredients that are skin softening and calming for kids ages 3+. Each fizzy comes with a clue so kids can guess the surprise inside.

5 Pillars of Fizzy Magic

  1. Clean - free of harsh chemicals, made from pure and safe ingredients.
  2. Promotes fun in the tub with fizz, color, and a surprise.
  3. Provides an opportunity to learn.
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