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Gourmet Foods & Wines – Summer 2018 Highlights

May 2, 2018

Pass the...

It’s barbecue time! Bring extra zing to standard cookout fare with fancy condiments, like Stonewall Kitchen Mustard Pickle Relish or Bacon Ketchup. If you consider yourself a barbecue sauce connoisseur, our Gourmet Room is your playground. Find flavors you never imagined from Stonewall Kitchen and Robert Rothschild as well as all-time favorite—classic Bone Suckin’ Sauce.

Give your cookout a baseball theme with baseball-shaped pasta salad and Cubs & White Sox Pez party favors. Stop in on Saturdays throughout summer to see which of our vendors is in the house with free tastings. It’s a great way to discover new foods and get fresh ideas for simple summer cooking.

Cheers to that!

You’ve probably noticed that we carry a lot more than just wine in our Wine Room these days. Craft beer selections keep getting more interesting. Exciting new additions include the chocolately goodness of Baldwin Porter from Ravinia Brewing Company (yes, that Ravinia!) and zippy Blueberry Lemonade Shandy from Saugatuck Brewing Company. We’ve also got an adventurous selection of hard ciders.

But don’t worry, we still carry an excellent selection of wine. Seasonal favorites include ever-popular Ruby Red Grapefruit Rosé from France, now also available in sparkling. Even those who don’t consider themselves wine drinkers love this blend of Cotes du Provence Rosé and ruby red grapefruit juice.


Summer Tea

Nothing announces the beginning of summer better than a nice cool glass of refreshing iced tea. Republic of Tea takes summertime sipping to a whole new level with nuanced blends like Watermelon Mint, Ginger Peach, and Black Currant Rosemary iced teas.

The Candy Shop

Gummy Orange Cream Bearsicles have arrived on the candy scene for summer.

Taffy straight from the boardwalk comes in refreshing flavors like raspberry-lemonade and strawberry-banana.

Recommended sodas for summer: Cheerwine. Prickly Pear, Dublin Vanilla Cream, and Cherry Limeade. Or get adventurous with Cucumber, Ranch, Sweet Corn, Dirt, or Grass flavors.

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