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Letter from a Friend—40 Years of Friendship

August 28, 2023

Dear Little Traveler,

Back in 1983, I had just moved to the Chicago area and started a new job. One of the women I worked with told me about this placed called “The Little Traveler” and suggested we should pay a visit. So one Saturday morning, we drove out to Geneva and spent a lovely day shopping at The Little Traveler, having lunch and getting to know one another. It was the start of a wonderful longtime friendship! Although she moved away a few years later, we visited each other frequently and celebrated the births of our children and now our grandchildren. These visits often included shopping excursions to The Little Traveler when she was in town.

This fall, she will be in town, and we are planning to celebrate 40 years of friendship with a visit to The Little Traveler, where it all started four decades ago! The Little Traveler will always hold a special place in both our hearts. 


JoDee Garesche


Send your letters to Almanack Editor, 404 S. Third St., Geneva, IL 60134.

JoDee received a $50 gift card as a token of our appreciation.

Little Traveler
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