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Mid-Century Modern Design Accents

June 17, 2019

Mid-Century Modern is a hot buzzword in home design right now. But what is it exactly? Let's step back in time to find out. In the middle decades of the twentieth century, clean lines and geometric shapes combined into a simple style that eventually became known as Mid-Century Modern. It has a distinctly futuristic look.

Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Beth points out an MCM-inspired lamp.

As Beth, a design aficionado from our Conservatory, describes it, "It's Art Deco meets the space age. Think pre-Star Wars outer space: The Jetsons and Chuck Jones' Marvin the Martian."

Mid-Century Modern (MCM) design has made a big comeback in home decor in recent years. It's not surprising that several MCM-inspired pieces have shown up in The Little Traveler's home decor collection, particularly in home lighting.

We asked Beth to take a stroll with us throughout the store to point out some of these pieces and tell us more about the style. We think you'll be surprised by the variety and suspect you'll spot something that would fit right in with your own decor, regardless of your design style.

Mid-Century Modern is Out of This World

One thing we learned along the way is that if something gives off a "Take me to your leader" vibe, chances are it's Mid-Century Modern.

Mid-Century Modern Pendant Mid-Century Modern Chandelier Mid-Century Modern Spiky Chandelier

But Sometimes It's also Down to Earth

While industrial, mass-produced materials were favored by modernists in America during the evolution of MCM style, Scandinavian modernists preferred crafting out of natural materials, like wood. Note that the clean, simple style remains:

Mid-Century Modern Wood Accents Mid-Century Modern Fair Trade Lamp

While we were in the Fair Trade+ Gallery (where the two photos above were taken), our associate Hennie shared a rule of thumb she learned at design school: "Incorporate a single piece of Mid-Century Modern decor into any room to add a pop of visual interest." With the wide-ranging options available in the style, that's not difficult to do.

Roll Out the Barrel

A simple, clean, round barrel shade is classic Mid-Century Modern styling.

Mid-Century Modern Barrel Pendant Lighting

Back during the actual mid-century, shiny chrome was the dominant accent material. The new millennium's take on the style includes more subtle brushed metals and muted coloring. 

Glass Barrel Chandelier Brass Barrel Chandelier

Want Bling with That Mid-Century Modern?

 Who says you can't be sparkly and simple at the same time? Not these fabulous MCM-inspired crystal chandeliers.

Mid-Century Modern Double O Chandelier Mid-Century Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier Glass Barrel Chandelier

We hope this post helps shed some "light" on this versatile retro style with contemporary flair. The pictures here are just a small sampling of what you'll find when you explore The Little Traveler's home decor collection.

Also keep an eye out for geometric, futuristic MCM-inspired wall hangings and mirrors throughout our thirty-six rooms of treasures.

Circle Mirror wall hanging

Thanks for the tour & info, Beth!



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