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The Bath Shop – Summer 2018 Highlights

May 2, 2018

Create a spa oasis at home. Or even pack a “mini spa” for traveling with mini-massagers and individually packaged facial, hand, and foot masks—in age-defying, detoxifying, brightening, and soothing formulas.

Deluxe portable 3-in-1 razors have a built-in refillable spray bottle, built-in shea butter moisturizing pre-shave bar, and 2 blades. All of it packs discreetly into a colorful compact disk, so you can take care of those spots you missed on-the-go anywhere.

New Bubble Fizz Bath Powder in birthday cake and floral garden scents from Honestly Margo fizzes, bubbles, and shimmers in the tub.

Our home scenting collection grows with the addition of Serene House ultrasonic aroma diffusers in tabletop and mini personal styles.

Little Traveler

A Letter from a Friend

Dear Little Traveler, I’m writing to tell you how much I needed a visit to your store. I was staying at the Pheasant Run resort as a participant in The Little Berks conference on Women’s History. I love tea, so when I saw that you had a teashop,...

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