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Top 10 Gifts for your BFF

October 17, 2018

1. Chardonnay Go adult board game

For wine lovers with no shame.
Paper Department

2. A Sentimental Picture Frame to

Remember your good times together.
Gift Gallery

3. Reversible Pashmina

Use as a table runner or a stylish wrap.
Linen Room

4. Soapstone Hearts

With encouraging words. Hand-carved in Kenya.
Fair Trade+ Gallery

5. Lampe Berger Home Fragrance System

Purifies the air.
Linen Room

6. Swarovski Ornament

Timeless crystal for an eternal friendship.
Gift Gallery

7. Teapot + Cup & Saucer for Two

Just think of all the marvelous tea parties you’ll have together.

8. Easy-clasp Ribbon Necklaces

With magnetic closures in 14 color options.
Clothing Galleries

9. Witty Girl Sleep Shirts

Featuring The Little Traveler logo. One size fits most in 100% super soft cotton.
Bath Shop

10. Spartina 449 Great Lakes Tote, Wristlet, or Scarf 

Accessories Rooms

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